So This Is the New Year…

Last year, I wrote a post about my five New Year’s resolutions. A year later, as I am reflecting upon this post and these resolutions from my boyfriend’s house on top of a snowy mountain while listening to Louis CK, I am pretty pleased with myself.

Resolution #1: Read 100 books in 2014. While I have made it more than halfway to this mark (you can see the list, which still needs to be updated, in my pages), I am nowhere near my very ambitious goal of 100. However, I am proud of myself for all the books I did read, all the stories I experienced, and all of the books I have yet to read.

Resolution #2: Go to yoga at least 3x a week. I kept this resolution for 3/4 of 2014, sometimes going to 4 or 5 classes per week. When I started my internship, though, I had significantly less time to make it to the studio, so I began to practice more at home. This is one resolution that I consider myself to have kept.

Resolution #3: Practice forgiveness. More celebration, less punishment in 2014. That was my goal, to forgive others and myself. I applauded myself for my smallest accomplishments while not being too hard on my mistakes, and instead learning from them. There were many mistakes to learn from, and there were many accomplishments to celebrate.

Resolution #4: Write more. I had a lot of big plans for my writing in 2014; working on my book and proposal, working on this blog, working with others. I did not keep up this blog regularly, but I plan to start again, but my writing in other areas continued to grow.

Resolution #5: Try new foods (and re-try foods I disliked in the past). I did! And I found out that I love roasted tomatoes and buffalo chicken pizza and salad. So that’s a solid win.

Over the course of this year, I attended my first 5k for autoimmune encephalitis, completed two more semesters of grad school, went to an amazing yoga festival, and started an internship. I have been given so many opportunities and there are only more on the horizon in 2015. My only resolution for this year is to go with the flow.


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