#LDRProblems: Long-Distance, a Bit Shorter

The odd in-between autumn of my relationship has arrived. What does that mean? Chris has a few short weeks to come home while the resort he works at (Stratton – you can check out their awesome be. blog) has ended golf season, but not yet begun ski & snowboard season. This in no way means we’re not long-distance; instead we are long-distance, a bit shorter. I’m still about two hours away from “home” in northeastern Pennsylvania, and while his temporarily-unemployed status will allow him a pretty open schedule, I am still taking twelve credits in graduate school, working part-time at an independent bookstore, blogging, and have now acquired a part-time (PAID-yay!) internship at an academic publisher in Philadelphia. My time is exactly how it sounds – not very free. This generally requires an awful lot of schedule-juggling and mini-trips home to spend more time together than we will probably get this winter (my winter horror post coming soon).

Last weekend was his first weekend home. He purposefully planned it so that he’d be able to take his son trick-or-treating on Halloween (and then cart my drunk goth witch booty around for some late night Halloween festivities). Coincidentally, my mom’s birthday was on Sunday, so I was lucky enough to celebrate her birthday with her and spend my first Halloween with Chris in years.


He however went back to Vermont to finish up a few more days at the golf course, and then he will be staying for orientation at the mountain before coming home again – just in time to leave right before Thanksgiving. So really, the long distance hasn’t even gotten shorter yet. Sigh.


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